European JiT Automotive Collection Service.

SCM Logo Implemented and ‘scaled up’ a European JiT automotive collection service.

  • Converted infrequent EXW shipments to regular/daily/hourly JiT shipments.
  • Conducted cost down negotiations with automotive suppliers (all tiers).
  • Carried out process mapping of supplier operations to identify and eliminate waste.
  • Introduced dynamic network reviews.
  • Implemented RTP to support sequencing and Kanban operations.
  • Used network/round-robin and FTL solution according to supply/demand/geographic needs.
  • Integrated sub-programmes for individual product launches.
  • Annualised value of c£12m.
  • Achieved 10% cost reduction.

Retail Seasonal & POS Solutions.

SCM Logo Designed and implemented POS solutions to support seasonal campaigns for major national retailers.

  • Set up consolidation centre for all POS materials (print / shelving / mock product).
  • Implemented kitting and POS construction services.
  • Introduced overnight network delivery solution to coincide with regional installation teams.
  • Recruited, trained and implemented PAT testing team for electrical display equipment.
  • Implemented seasonal programme management teams.

Overnight Network Redesign

SCM Logo Overnight Transport Network Redesign.

  • Re-designed an automotive over-night delivery network for after-sales improving OTIF and reducing costs.
  • Implementation of new operating metrics to multiple carriers focusing on performance within routes/geographies (rather than rolled up KPIs).
  • Increased emphasis on quality including vehicle and driver presentation.
  • Implemented daily and weekly network reviews with carrier depot and hub visits.
  • Introduced fast response ‘root cause’ analysis processes including field visits.
  • Redesigned team structures and roles from internal to customer centric focus.
  • Introduced Kaizen and 5S principles to an office environment.

Sales & Marketing Department set-up

Sales & KAM LogoSales & Marketing Department set-up for the UK arm of a global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider.

  • Developed market penetration strategy.
  • Implemented full sales process including Opportunity Assessment, Approval and Bid Sign Off using RACI principles.
  • Creation of a bid library to support Bid Writing & management
  • Implemented solution design modelling for easier commercial sign off (integrated financial modelling – hurdle rates).
  • Development of sales collateral including case studies / presentation library / flyers / advertorial.