The Logistics Consultant is an independent supply chain and logistics consultancy and interim management company. My service is underpinned by over 25 years of operating successful projects within supply chain and logistics. I have worked for the major 3pls, retailers, fmcgs’ and consumer brands.

I work with a national network of associates to bring the right mix of skills and expertise to meet your specific needs. We will work closely with you on your project from inception to implementation.

From hands on experience across many sectors, I fully understand the complexities of logistics. I will provide you with straightforward and practical solutions appropriate to your business and your supply chain. I’m passionate about doing things better, simpler and at a lower total cost.

Sales & Commercial Specialisms include;
  • New business development – organic sales.
  • Key Account Management – implementing process and managing senior relationships.
  • Bid management – from solution concept (High Level Design) through bid management into service delivery (Low Level Design).
  • Implementing Sales Process & CRM.
  • Marketing & Social Media for Logistics businesses.
Operational Specialisms include;
  • Change Management (new warehouse / moves within warehouse / mezzanine construction / new operations and new process implementation.).
  • Outsourcing support – tendering / supplier selection/ supplier management. Selection of 3pl/Logistics Service Provider.
  • Process review with view to improved performance (lean/CI) across all distribution channels including warehouses, fulfilment centres and transport operations.
  • New process implementation in warehouses, fulfilment centres and control towers – I’m big on training people in processes and process documentation (SOP).
  • Warehouse and Transport Benchmarking.


My expertise covers;

  • Expanding your business by implementing new facilities, fleet, systems and people.
  • Supporting start-ups and new market entry strategies.
  • Reorganising teams to provide more efficient operations and process flows.
  • Redesigning and optimising delivery networks and warehouse operations.
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking for warehouse and transport operations.
  • Implementing WMS and other business Enterprise Systems.
  • Conducting Business Process reviews making and implementing recommendations.
  • Implementing Key Account Management methodologies.
  • Logistics outsourcing including Tendering and Bid management.

The best way to discover what I do best is;

  1. Peruse the case studies section, or
  2. Use the search tool – put in your keyword/s and it will revert with case studies that match your needs.
  3. Call me – if you can’t find what you’re looking for it doesn’t mean I haven’t done it – it probably just means I haven’t added a case study.


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