Logistics Insights

The supply chain begins with collection and movement of raw materials from the field or mine, to production factories. Finished goods are moved to global markets where they are delivered to consumer’s homes, retail outlets and businesses.

‘Logistics’ sits within the Supply Chain and is often referred to as “trucks and sheds”. It covers all the people, equipment and facilities required to help move raw materials to production facilities and the finished goods to businesses and consumers. Here’s a short summary of the many logistics aspects that combine in a successful end-to-end supply chain:

  • People across disciplines including labour resource planning, materials management and facility management
  • Systems  including WMS/TMS/MRP/ERP/CRM
  • Trucks / Ships / Planes
  • Warehouses – fulfilment centres, storage systems, mezzanine floors
  • Automation including conveyors, sortation and Robotics
  •  Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) including Forklifts, pallet trucks, robots and roll cages